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Education awards panel

The Education Awards Panel determines annual funding for a range of education and research activities (courses, presentations, study visits) for qualified and associate members.

Who's who on the CSP Education Awards Panel:

Panel cohort

Member Representing
Karen Beeton
Chair of Panel
Education Forum
Joined 2011
Katrina Kennedy
Vice Chair of Panel
CSP Council
Joined 2012
Kate Grafton

Research and Development Committee

Joined 2016


Associates Committee


John Stephens Education Committee
Joined 2014
Colette Owen

Members' CPD

Joined 2012

Christopher Mercer Members' CPD
Joined 2014
Luke Tobin

Student Members (for student applications only)

Chair of SEC

Joined 2017

Janice McNee

Professional Practice and Service Delivery. Joined 2016.


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Last reviewed

29 September 2017
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