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Membership review

The 2017 CSP AGM has agreed to change the Society's membership bye-laws. This paves the way to enabling a wider range of physiotherapists and students to affiliate to the CSP. 

Commenting, Philip Hulse MCSP, who chaired the Membership Review said. “I would like to thank all those members who participated in the debate around our membership. There are deeply held views on all sides, but it is the sign of the maturity of our Society and profession that we are willing to debate challenging topics. I want to reassure those members who were concerned about change that there will be careful consideration of issues raised during the run up to the AGM. We want change to work for the whole profession.”

The changes clarify existing rules relating to Members, students and associates. They also include changes to the affiliate category which will enable graduates who do not go straight into practice in the UK to become affiliates. The CSP council is also considering allowing affiliation by overseas physiotherapists and some animal physiotherapists.

Changes to the CSP regulations have already been agreed. These include clarifying the status of students and associates to ensure compliance with trade union legislation, updating the associate membership criteria and introducing a maternity/paternity discounted grade for associates.

Agreed regulation changes

 General changes:

  • Introducing flexibility in how membership is administered
  • Introduced flexibility in how subscription can be collected, on registration fees and other financial matters.
  • Introduced greater flexibility on service offer to members.

Associate changes:

  • Recognising that physiotherapy duties may be directed by a regulated health or care professional other than an AHP
  • Revised definition of delegation to reduce doubt about eligibility
  • Provision for the future admission of persons holding CSP recognised qualifications below graduate level.
  • Clarification of TU rights in light of legislation changes
  • Confirmed their voting status at the AGM
  • Introduction of a maternity/paternity discounted grade.

Student changes:

  • Recognises the need to end the break in membership on graduation, but does not resolve how
  • Including Crown Dependencies
  • Clarified for TU audit purposes that students are not trade union members.

Affiliate membership[1] regulations:

  • Define the rights of affiliates
  • Introduce restrictions on how they might present themselves.

[1] The following would apply to any members admitted under the existing definitions


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30 October 2017

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