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Booking conditions of room hire

Details about CSP room booking conditions are given on this page.

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Room booking conditions

All booking requests/enquiries must be put in writing and sent to the mailbox. Please note that the information marked with * on the booking form are mandatory and must be completed at the time of the booking.

Bookings should not be taken as confirmed unless the client has supplied written confirmation to the Society and has received a reply letter and confirmation form in return at least one month prior to the day of when the event takes place.

The room that is booked is the only room that can be used.

Organisers must provide a list of delegates attending the meeting at least a week in advance.

The meeting organiser is responsible for sending Powerpoint presentations in advance to upload direct to the PC in Council room and save to the appropriate folder, and check that the document can be accessed prior to the meeting, hard copies are made available and put on a USB disk as a back-up. (Steps of how to save your power-point presentations to access in the Council room will also be added onto the intranet and internet)


Requests for lunch should be requested at the time of the booking made: see the powerpoint download at the foot of the page for menu options.

Final numbers must be given by the Friday preceding the meeting and can be adjusted within 24 hours notice.

Building access

CSP premises are open from 09:00-17:00 Monday to Friday

The Reception desk is manned from 08:30-17:00 Monday - Friday. (Clients may gain access to the building in advance of 09.00 by special arrangement.)

All visitors must enter via the main entrance at the front of the building and report to reception on arrival and return their passes at reception when leaving the building.

Wheelchair users can access the building at ground level via 14 Jockey's Field entrance with prior arrangement.

Room hire rates

All room hire rates are inclusive of VAT. The hire charges relate to the following sessions:

  • Full day session: 09.00 - 17.00 Hours
  • Part day session: mornings 09.00 - 12.30 hours, afternoon 13.30 - 17.00 hours.

Clients shall ensure that all persons associated with their event vacate the rooms by the end of the hire period. Clients who over run their booking periods without prior arrangement will automatically be subject to room hire charge at the hourly rate on a 'pro rata' basis.

Charges will be revised at year-end in line with inflation.

Equipment and facilities

Hire of equipment is subject to availability. Requests for audiovisual and other equipment should therefore be made at the time of the booking.


Request for photocopying can be made through Facilities and will be charged as indicated immediately below:

  • A4 Single sided black and white copies 10p per sheet
  • A4 Double/Back to back sided black and white copies 5p sheet
  • A3 Single sided black and white copies 40p per sheet
  • A3 Double/Back to back sided black and white copies 20p per sheet

Amounts under £5.00 must be paid for in cash. CSP will only accept payment by card with a minimum charge of £5.00 or above or send an invoice for charges of £10.00 and above.

Cancellation charges

Payment must be made on presentation of an invoice from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.


A month's notice is requested for any cancellation. If any rooms are cancelled after this date, the following cancellation charges will apply:

  • 28 days' notice: 25% of room hire charge
  • 14 days' notice: 50% of room hire charge
  • 7 days' notice: 75% of room hire charge
  • 1-6 days' notice: 100% of room hire charge

Health and Safety

The meeting organiser is responsible for announcing the emergency procedures and for familiarising themselves, and other attendees, with the location of fire exits.

Fire exits doorways and corridors should be kept clear at all times.

In the unlikely event the fire alarm sounds, the building should be evacuated as quickly as possible: visitors must use the nearest exit, report at the assembly point and remain there to await further instruction.

Any wheelchair users should be made know to Facilities via the room booking form.


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